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D. Richard Leachman, M.D.
Roberto Lufschanowski, M.D.
Paolo Angelini, M. D.
Zvonimir Krajcer, M.D.
Alberto Lopez, M.D.
Stephanie Coulter, M.D.
Eduardo Hernandez, M.D.

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What is it?
The carotid artery duplex scan is a sonogram or ultrasound using sound waves to visualize the arteries along the left and right sides of your neck. By checking these vessels, we can see if there is any blockage or narrowing that would inhibit adequate blood supply feeding the brain.

What do I do?
No special preparation is needed.

What will happen?
You will lie flat on the bed with your head flat to extend your neck. The technologist will place gel on your skin and will run a hand held “knob or paddle” called a probe, up and down your neck on one side and then the other. There should not be any discomfort.

How long does it take?
The test takes about fifteen to forty-five (15-45) minutes.

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