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What is it?
The renal artery duplex scan is a sonogram or ultrasound using sound waves to visualize the renal arteries. The renal arteries feed the kidneys with oxygen rich blood. By checking these vessels, we can see if there is any blockage or narrowing.

What do I do?

Bowel substance and gas can prevent the technologist from getting the most accurate information. Since it is very important for your abdomen to be free of contents as well as gas, it is very important to follow instructions given by the office personnel. Here are some instructions that may help.
  • You may take your medications the morning of your appointment with a sip of water.
  • Do not smoke or chew gum before the test as this causes gas in the abdomen.
  • Take a laxative at noon the day before your test.
  • Take one or two gas pills about one (1) hour before your test.
What will happen?
You will lie flat on the bed. The technician places a gel on your skin and glides a “knob or paddle” called a probe, over your abdomen. The technologist may have you turn left and right to obtain images of your renal arteries from a different angle. You should not feel any discomfort from this exam.

How long does it take?
The test takes from sixty to ninety (60-90) minutes.

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